Minimally Invasive Manipulation Workshops

Would you like to minimise the incidence of treatment reactions in your practice, and improve patient satisfaction? Would you like to reduce the force you put into high velocity manipulations while maintaining excellent results? Would you like to reduce the potential risks, and increase the safety of your high velocity adjustments? Would you like to be up to date on the latest examination methods for ensuring that your manipulations are as safe as is possible?

About our workshops

Our hands on workshops are designed for practitioners of all levels, from final year students to seasoned osteopaths, chiropractors or manipulative physiotherapists, who would like to make their high velocity manipulative techniques even more safe, even more gentle, and even more effective.

All the techniques presented in these workshops can be incorporated immediately into your daily practice. They require very little extra skill to master, yet they will make an immediate difference to your patient satisfaction and the success of your clinic.

Hands on

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All Levels

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Full Weekend


"Professional service with knowledgeable and lovely practitioners."


"I've been able to sleep without pain since I saw you which is amazing, My boyfriend is happy too. He has seen Osteopaths in the past and it's the first time he sees results. You have a great team!"


"I always remember you guys and recommend you to any friends who have back problems"


"I met with Gavin yesterday, he managed to put a name on what has been causing me chronic back pains for over a year (whereas I was given out a printout from my GP with painkiller prescription), as well as soothing the pain with a few exercises and a bit of acupuncture. Not only did he save my week, and probably my back, he cheered me right up."