Body misbehaving?

From newborn to elderly, professional runner to couch potato… we’ll help you find your balance.

How we work

We aim to make sure your treatment with us is the best it can possibly be.


We’ll work with you to find the root of the problem, and how best to relieve it.

Peace of mind

We’ll treat you as an individual, put you first and explain everything we do.


We’ll use our professional skills and experience to deliver the best possible results.

Our Clinicians

We’re a team of registered osteopaths, nutritionists and sports massage therapists. We take great pride in putting our clients at ease and using our professional experience to give them the best possible outcomes.

About our clinicians

Rebecca Friesner
Backs and Beyond Jackie Read
Alex Haydon

“I visit Backs & Beyond regularly for massage which has helped me greatly in recovering from injury and also with the wear and tear of life. Thanks again to all for your help.”


"Professional service with knowledgeable and lovely practitioners."


"Having been to many Physios and Osteopaths over the years, Rebecca at Backs and Beyond is the first really to explain the detail of the problem thereby educating me about muscles which at first I thought seemed to be distant from the pain. A whole body therapy. This education is enabling me to help myself even more than before and actually makes it interesting. So thank you."


"You have a great team."


What we treat

We give your body a helping hand with all of the following, and more:


Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints in your body. Joint pain is one of its main symptoms.

Back Pain

For some people, back pain is annoying, for others it’s excruciating. A problem in any part of your spine can cause back pain.

Back Pain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing time in any woman’s life, but it can also put great strain on the body as the body rapidly changes.

Foot and Ankle Pain

There are many reasons why you might experience pain in one or both feet, or in your ankles.

Hand and Elbow Pain

Depending on the cause, osteopathy can help relieve the pain you’re experiencing in your hands or elbows.


One of the causes of headaches can be tension or strains in the muscles and joints of your neck or upper back.

Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by a range of things, including an injury, the way you’re moving or standing, the way you use your hip, or even be referred pain from your back.

Knee Pain

Knees are one of the most frequently injured joints in bodies. We’ve been running a specialist knee clinic to help treat them for more than 15 years.

Muscle Spasms

Similar to cramps, muscle spasms are the painful contraction of one or more muscles in your body.

Neck Pain

The way we use our necks can lead to neck strain. In fact, it’s common in people of all ages.

Nutritional Issues

Paying careful attention to your nutrition can help with a range of health issues, both in terms of prevention and improvement.

Shoulder Pain

Should pain is a common complaint, with a number of things that can be the cause of the problem.

Sports Injuries

Sometimes, no matter how much you train or prepare, you’ll still find yourself with an unexpected injury.

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis elbow causes pain and tenderness around the outside of the elbow joint, while Golfer’s elbow causes pain around the inside of the joint.

Weight Gain

Aside from specific health conditions, the main reasons for weight gain are possible imbalances in diet and lifestyle.